This will be a fun competition out of the usual groups and rules.

You will prep a salon freestyle type dog as you would for your own use at a grooming competition, be judged on the prep, and then, swap dogs!  A great starting out competition or just for fun challenge.


Please consider degree of difficulty for the other groomer when choosing a dog to prep and swap.  Dogs must be prepared as you would prepare them for your own use.  Sanitary and pads must be clipped.  Dogs must be knot and product free.  You will be prejudged on the preparation of the dog you brought before swapping dogs.  All dogs must be under 40cm and have 6 weeks of coat growth.  They must have less than 2 inches of coat to groom.  No combination or hand stripped coats.  Dogs must be over 1 year old and have table manners.    This competition does not have classes. There will be public choice and judged placings.  See general rules here.

Time allocation: 1.5hours

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