Barking Butler Grooming Studio

: A premium grooming experience in South Perth...

Established in January 2020, Barking Butler Grooming Studio is a premium dog grooming experience and canine retail boutique, located in the beautiful suburb of South Perth.

Committed to raising the bar in the Australian dog grooming industry, Barking Butler is a family owned and run business that offers your beloved dog a professional grooming experience like no other. Treating each dog as if they were our own, it is with kindness and compassion that we pair our quality grooming services with the Positive Dog Training method.

Our qualified, caring and knowledgeable groom team is lovingly curated and trained, bringing together passionate, professional and highly skilled stylists that are committed to delivering a kind and beautiful groom for your beloved. Barking Butler’s grooming treatments are detailed, thorough, and humane, reflecting best-practise grooming techniques as well as our dedication to optimising the well-being of each dog we treat.

Barking Butler focuses on the grooming journey of each fur-client, as it is here that the longterm benefits of quality grooming can be realised from a canine health and well-being perspective. A regular grooming routine ensures optimal coat and skin condition, as well as the best possible experience and behavioural outcomes for the dog. We incorporate grooming training in to your dog’s groom each visit, with the aim to reduce stress, improve comfort and positively impact your dogs relationship with grooming over time. Everything we do works to support a calm, safe and positive grooming environment.

As the only Plush Puppy Preferred grooming salon in Western Australia, Barking Butler uses only the highest quality, show-standard products to ensure exceptional results for each and every fur-client. Learn more about Plush Puppy here:

Our modern studio space is not only as adorable and playful as the gorgeous pups we groom, it is specially designed with transparency and canine safety in mind. The space is fitted with the latest grooming equipment and technology for superior grooming results and is climate controlled year-round for canine comfort.

Proudly serving the dogs and dog lovers of Perth, we look forward to welcoming you to Barking Butler Grooming Studio.