Welcome to everything WestGROOM 2024. DGAWA are once again bringing groomers together by including everything you could possible want in an annual 3 day event. Look forward to grooming seminars, an all weekend tradeshow (with plenty of allocated time to shop) and competition Sunday & Monday where you can utilise the skills you just learnt and gain feedback from our Internationally renowned judges.

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Blake Hernandez

Experience the Artistry of Dog Grooming at its pinnacle with Blake Hernandez, a maestro in his field. Blake with be showcasing his skills in an exclusive demonstration in WA. Watch in awe as he transforms Poodles into a masterpiece.

By the end of the seminar, you'll have the tools and confidence to execute an amazing styles that will set you apart in the industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best. Register now and take your grooming skills to the next level!

Techniques in Dog Handling
Natalie West

Join us for an engaging and informative seminar hosted by the beautiful Natalie West. This seminar aims to equip groomers with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and confidently handle dogs of all breeds and temperaments during grooming sessions.

Mastering Face Styling
Yvette Miles

Join us for a face styling seminar where you'll learn the art of transforming a dog's appearance through the expert techniques of Yvette Miles. From creating stunning puppy faces to sculpting expressive facial expressions, this seminar will take your dog grooming skills to the next level. Demonstrate on both a curly coat and flat coat. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to enhance your grooming expertise and impress your clients with stylish and adorable faces.

How To Master Your Scissors
Jo Marsden

Are you a passionate dog lover and aspiring groomer? Join us for a step-by-step seminar where we dive into the art of scissor mastery. Jo Marsden will guide you through the fundamental techniques, tips, and tricks required to elevate your scissoring skills to perfection. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, this seminar is designed to equip you with the confidence and knowledge needed to create perfectly styled cuts on every canine companion.

Note: Please bring your own grooming scissors.

Naturally Spoilt Dog
Fiona Mofflin

Join Fiona for a captivating seminar on the incredible benefits of essential oils for our furry friends. Learn how essential oils can promote wellness and overall balance in your dog's life. Watch Fiona as she creates a scents ball. Gain valuable insights and deepen your understanding of safe and effective usage. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance the health and happiness of your beloved four-legged companions. 

Tellington TTouch
Sabrina Smart

The Teddlington TTouch Seminar is designed to introduce you to the innovative TTouch method of animal training and communication. Led by Sabrina Smart, this seminar will teach attendees practical techniques for improving the well-being and behavior of their pets through gentle touches and body movements. Whether you have a dog, cat, or any other furry friend, this seminar promises to deepen your connection and understanding of your animal companion.


Blake Hernandez - Judge and Speaker

Blake Hernandez is a featured groomer in Netflix's "DOGS" documentary and a contestant on ABC's Pooch Perfect. Blake has been nominated for over 30 Barkleigh Honors in many categories and has 7 wins. He is best known for his online personality and easy to follow video demonstrations. Solely responsible for breathing life back into Retro Banded Poodle trims, Blake has brought innovation and current outside trends while retaining the art and discipline the grooming industry is known for. Recently, Blake has become a Certifier with the NDGAA and AKC and began a sure to be prolific Judging career as a well loved and admired entrepreneur in many facets of our Groomerverse.
Blake ran Foxy Roxy's Pet Salon in San Diego, CA for 3 years before transitioning to full-time instruction. This is of course all while competing in grooming contests and dog shows all over the country. He is the co-creator and founder of GroomSource which trained groomers on a national scale with PetSmart before closing down. He creates and produces many grooming tools and products with Foxy Roxy's Supply Co. for the professional groomer (including his own line of amazing shears!) and now for the everyday dog lover.

Elizabeth Smith - Judge

A brief overview of my background reveals more than 40 years of experience in the grooming industry, during which time I have witnessed significant transformations within the field. Currently, I am actively involved in breeding and owning American Cockers, having also worked with various other breeds such as Afghans, English Setters, Shih Tzus, and Italian Greyhounds, each presenting unique grooming challenges. 

With a strong dedication to dog grooming, I specialize particularly in Gundog breeds and have achieved notable success in grooming and showing multiple breeds within this group. Furthermore, I have demonstrated my expertise in show grooming with Newfoundlands and Toy Poodles. 

In the past, I oversaw a TAFE course and mentored aspiring groomers, equipping them with the skills necessary to establish thriving grooming businesses. Additionally, I have provided support to groomers by offering dogs for competitions and assisting established professionals in refining their grooming techniques, notably contributing to the success of Best in Show winners.

Tradeshow Stall Guide

Trade show is open to the public all weekend, we have multiple vendors making the trip from over east with loads of exciting products on hand. Come as see whats on offer and save yourself the delivery fees.

Oz Grooming World/Joyzze


Heiniger ProGroom

Simply Seaweed

Pink Paws Pet Ties

Delta Scissors

Cloud Grooming Australia

Fetch Grooming Supplies

WA Dog Grooming Supplies

Kyal's Doggy Delights

Oz Clipper & Scissors

Information for Stallholders

The venue will be open to the General Public over the 3 day event.

Located at the Canning Agricultural Pavilion, Cnr Cannington Hwy & Station Street, Cannnington WA

Each stallholder will be responsible for their own public liability insurance.

Please fill in the below form and email it to events@dgawa.com.au to express interest in a stall

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