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igroomhub is Australia's original online resource for Dog Grooming education. Hosting regularly updated information, video tutorials, text and interviews from leading Dog Groomers, igroomhub has been designed as a continuous wheel of education with the ultimate aim of developing and improving Dog Grooming standards.

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Botany Bay Imports

Decades of Experience:
At Botany Bay Imports grooming isn't just our business; it's our legacy. We take pride in our long and storied history, having served the grooming industry with dedication and expertise since 1973. With five decades of experience under our belt, we have witnessed the evolution of grooming practices and have been at times bringing the latest innovations to the Australian market.
Our journey began with a commitment to providing the highest quality grooming products to professionals and pet owners alike. Over the years, we have grown our brands like Shear Magic, for both the pet and professional channels.
Shear Magic is part of the story of Australian shearing industry legend John Allan OAM, Shear Magic continues his legacy. John was awarded the Order of Australia for his outstanding contribution to the wool industry, dedicating his life to designing and improving clipping equipment. Shear Magic proudly carries forward his vision, designing and manufacturing clippers that are operator-friendly, built to last, and deliver exceptional value.
Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our unrelenting pursuit of excellence. As a result, we have become a trusted and respected name in the grooming community, known for our extensive product range, exceptional customer service, and commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.
Today, as we continue to expand our product offerings and service capabilities, our passion for grooming remains as strong as ever. We are proud of our heritage and excited about the future, as we look forward to serving you for generations to come. Thank you for choosing Botany Bay Imports as your trusted partner in animal grooming.

Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

The Melanie Newman Story

Creating a rewarding career from a passion is the ultimate dream and one that Melanie Newman has been able to pursue for over fifteen years. Starting out as a dog bather at a friend’s salon in the late 1990’s, Melanie relished the time she spent with the animals and decided to turn her passion into a lifestyle. Over her 20 year career, Melanie has strived to give the animals she works with the best quality care, but always found it difficult to find products that were of a high quality, were gentle on the pets and groomers, and left the coat feeling refreshed and clean. Over a two year period, Melanie and her husband Cory created the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection, a range of premium canine grooming products that both the dog grooming industry and home pet owners can be proud to use on their animals.

Bronze Sponsors

Heiniger ProGroom

How we started

ProGroom was co-founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and pet-lover Natalie Ryan who has been meeting the needs of Australian pets and their owners for many years.

Natalie became a groomer later in her career, having first worked as a hair dresser. She was amazed at the number of poor quality products in the Australian market and the number of Dog groomers not using any conditioners (an essential part of any wash to restore the hair shaft after cleaning). To Natalie it was clear there was a need for quality (safe) affordable products and essential training on how to best use these products to benefit both groomer and pet.

In 2009 Natalie teamed up with fellow groomers and expert chemists to develop her own range of safe and effective grooming shampoos and pet styling products, detanglers and dog colognes and educational kits, that soon proved popular with professional groomers. It was here she found her passion in R & D innovative products to make grooming easier.

Petway Petcare

We have been developing and producing premium grade pet grooming products since 1988 to meet the needs of pet professionals and discerning pet owners. Our chemists have over 50 years experience formulating grooming and insecticidal products and are leaders in their fields internationally.

We use only the very best naturally based, cosmetic grade, raw ingredients available - plus our chemists constantly monitor the ongoing research and development of these ingredients. We regularly review our formulas and as proven raw ingredient improvements are made, we update our formulas accordingly. We also engage some of our countries best Internationally Certified Master Groomers to trial our products during the research and development stages for feedback and don’t proceed with production until we receive their final tick of approval. Our products perform to the highest standards possible.

Topiary Dog


Partnering with industry leaders, Topiary Dog has created a line of grooming industry products that have been thoroughly developed and tested in working salon and veterinary practice conditions to meet the tough day to day requirements of your workplace. We all know that time is money, and when time is often a groomers biggest limitation to increased productivity, you need the right equipment to get the most from your workday.


We believe animal comfort and care is essential to the success of every pet business. We also know that a comfortable animal will enjoy more positive post operative recovery outcomes, a calmer and more relaxed pet grooming experience,  and our line of Vetpad crate bedding is designed to provide the highest levels of sanitation and hygiene in pet bedding solutions without sacrificing your clients creature comforts.


We pride ourselves on our relationships with our industry partners in helping us bring you a Topiary Dog product that is high quality and, will improve your efficiencies in your own business. Each and every Topiary Dog product sold helps support a number of small Australian businesses just like yours.

Simply Seaweed

Simply Seaweed are wholesalers of high-quality certified organic Ascophyllum nodosum to the Australian vet and pet industry. Our product is used as a dental care dietary supplement for dogs and cats. Our mission is to improve the dental hygiene of pet dogs and cats by providing an affordable, easily accessible and easy to use product to the community.

Founded in 2016, we are a small business located in Perth, Western Australia. We are passionate about animals, the environment and supporting small Australian businesses. We take a stance against puppy farms by refusing to supply to those connected to this industry. We are also against greyhound racing and do what we can to support outlawing this practice.

As a social enterprise, we support various animal charities – every time you buy Simply Seaweed you are helping pets in need! We provide product donations for fundraising purposes, for supplying to those in financial hardship and also through our Rescue Support Program.

As we love the environment, we are mindful of our carbon footprint. We do have to import our seaweed from overseas though, as Ascophyllum nodosum only grows in very cold water, which Australia does not have. Our Ascophyllum nodosum is ethically sourced and sustainably harvested.

Our business is mostly powered by renewable energy and our couriers are carbon neutral. Our 40g and 200g container bases are made out of 100% recycled plastic. Our boxes are made from recycled material, as is our packaging tape. Our brochures are printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink. We are a minimum waste business and are working towards being zero-waste. Everything that can be recycled is – either by re-using or sending to the relevant recycling departments.

Rest assured that if you choose to use our product, not only will you be caring for your animal’s teeth and their general health, you will also be supporting a business that is in turn supporting the community and the environment.


DGS Imports

What does DGS stand for?

Dog Grooming Supplies
We strive to bring the best to the Dog Grooming Industry.

Dog Groomer Supporters
We support the amazing grooming industry. We love the passion, creativity, determination, compassion and uniqueness that is the dog grooming industry and love to do our part in supporting the amazing people that create this industry.

DGS officially started in 2007, we knew of some amazing brands and products that were not available in Australia, we also started searching for what groomers wanted but couldn't find here in Australia and found great lines and brands. DGS Imports brings to you these amazing brands:
Kenchii Shears
P&W Scissors,
Natures Specialties
Animal Ayureva
These great brands are stocked along the following - Wahl, Oster, Shear Magic, Melanie Newman, Fido's, Petway, Pet Esthe, Dyex, and more!

DGS is looking forward to the next stage and we are also looking forward to growing with you, our customers.

Thanks and I hope you have a great day!

Pink Paws Pet Ties

As groomers ourselves, we have been curating pet ties for many years. Now, we have decided to take our best ties and sell them exclusively to groomers.

So, take a look at our ties and let us know what you think!